The NeuroU 2020 Online Series

We continued to monitor COVID-19 as it related to this annual symposium. Due to the uncertainty and various unknown factors surrounding the virus’s impact on the country, we decided to go virtual and make this a free event for 2020!



Intro to Applied Neuro

Intro to Methods

Intro to Behavioral Sciences

The World of Wearables

Best Practices for In-Person Research during COVID-19

How Smart-Speaker Surveys Open New Horizons in Data Collection

Experience Media: Moving Towards an Age of Multisensory Digital Interations

Sensory & Implicit Testing (CASE STUDY)

Olfactory Symbolism

Creating Brand Desire with a Focus on Emotion

Consumer Neuroscience Insights for Advertising

Brand Harmony: Differentiating Logos Using Implicit Testing (CASE STUDY)

Digital Tools for Behavior Change

Addressing Challenging Research Questions

The Devil's Advocate: A Pessimist's Perspective on the Possible Pit-falls in your Research Program

The Alchemy of Emotion: Measuring emotional response in the food industry

Problem Solution Matching

A Guide to Higher Education in the Behavioral Sciences: From Academia to Industry (PANEL)

Team HCD Panel

Live Fireside Chat Q&A (EACH DAY)






If you or any of your colleagues missed this year's sessions, please feel free to reach out to us to access select recordings accessible via private YouTube page.


Contact Cara Silvestri, Manager of Client Relations & Strategic Marketing, at .

NeuroU 2020 utilized an extended format unlike the full 2-day format we typically have used in the past with a series of online sessions held from September 14th-25th. Spreading out the event over a longer period of time and moving it to the fall allowed attendees to customize the NeuroU experience based on knowledge levels (beginners & alumni welcome), relevant topics, and industry specialty-- all while maintaining daily responsibilities at work.   

These circumstances lended a unique opportunity to bring market research professionals together from near and far with impactful sessions in shorter time frames, collaborative brainstorming and networking opportunities, and resourceful info on emerging neuro tools and methodologies at our disposal.

As this event has evolved into a community, we created the NeuroU Group on LinkedIn to learn more about applied neuroscience, connect with other professionals and share resources on this topic. All are welcome from beginners to experts!