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The NeuroU Virtual Series is back on September 13th-15th. Neuro University is an annual symposium created to educate market research professionals on the science, tools, and techniques behind applied neuroscience methodologies.

Missed the live event? No problem! Register for On Demand access. 

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NeuroU 2021

Learn. Connect. Inspire.

In the ever changing world of market research, clients and researchers alike must keep their eyes and minds open to using all appropriate and possible tools to truly understand consumer behavior. With all that 2020 brought, society has adapted and consumers’ habits have changed – so how do we measure this shift effectively?

NeuroU 2021 is here to tackle the new mindset that arose this past year. There is more innovation all around us than ever before-- from reimagined approaches to innovative applications. Using the same old approaches and equipment without learning about emerging methodologies is like navigating your latest research objectives with only half of the resources. New techniques have been incorporated into the exploration of the consumer experience that create the possibility for more revealing, engaging, and thought-provoking research.

Expanding your tool kit will create deeper insights and deliver more actionable results. HCD Research has proudly hosted this event for 3 years, both in-person and virtually. We've brought together scientists, academics, and researchers for an educational experience grounded in strong science. From beginners to experts in this space, attendees will deepen their understanding of Applied Consumer Neuroscience and discuss new and innovative applications of modern market research.

This free, multi-day virtual format includes educational talks, expert advice, and networking opportunities so that attendees can come together to celebrate innovation and learn more.

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from NeuroU 2021...

Working Knowledge of Neuro Resources

Receive a working knowledge of Applied Consumer Neuroscience, including various psychological and behavioral approaches, that will arm you with the knowledge of how to properly incorporate these tools and techniques into current research methods.

Emerging Tech & Methodologies

Hear about emerging technologies, methodologies, and their roles in addressing challenging research questions and ideas. Innovation and dynamic research approaches are changing the game when it comes to delivering the most informed results. 


Implications for Present & Future Research

Through case studies, hands-on demonstrations and expert presentations, NeuroU will both highlight the best applications for neuro tools and spark conversation about identifying further possibilities for forward-thinking research.

Adapting to the New Normal

The phrase “new normal” has latched onto numerous conversations since the start of COVID-19. Change has inevitably caused a shift in priorities and expectations, leaving companies questioning how to get to the next phase. During times of uncertainty, research solutions can provide stable consumer information to help build strong strategies for finding a way forward to meet future needs and habits. 

Community & Network

What began as an annual event, quickly evolved into a vibrant community. NeuroU is inclusive of all levels of knowledge from beginners to experts. Beyond each year's event, attendees are given the opportunity to gain a network of resources from each other through personal connection during and after.

Neuro University

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